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ContainerNode Class
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Represents a diagram node that can contain other nodes.

Namespace: MindFusion.Diagramming
Package: MindFusion.Diagramming


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public class ContainerNode : DiagramNode

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Public Class ContainerNode
    Inherits DiagramNode


Users can drag nodes into a container interactively. When a dragged node is over a container, the container frame is painted using the HighlightPen property to indicate that the node would be added to the container.

Use the Add method to add a node to container programmatically. Use the Remove method to remove a node from the container. The GetContainer static method returns the container that contains a node.

AutoShrink specifies whether the size of a container should shrink when a node is removed from it. The container node will not shrink to a size smaller than MinimumSize, even if it does not contain any items.

A container node can be folded and unfolded, either interactively or programmatically, as specified through the Foldable and Folded properties. When a container is folded, it occupies a minimal area and its child nodes are hidden. You can get the original size of a folded container using the UnfoldedSize property.

The Caption property specifies the caption text of a container node, and CaptionBrush specifies its color. Use the CaptionFormat property to define the alignment and position of the caption text. The height of the caption area of a container can be set using the CaptionHeight property.

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