MindFusion.Scheduling for ASP.NET Programmer's Guide

MindFusion.Scheduling for ASP.NET is a software component that can be used to present calendars and timetables to users and let them edit the schedule information interactively. It is implemented as a .NET Web control and can be easily integrated into any web application targeting the Microsoft .NET platform. By providing your software with ready to use capabilities for visualizing and editing schedule data, MindFusion.Scheduling for ASP.NET saves you from hundreds of hours of coding and debugging efforts. MindFusion.Scheduling for ASP.NET can display a schedule in several view types, such as:

MindFusion.Scheduling for ASP.NET provides intuitive user-interaction model for creating or editing appointments and events in a schedule. In addition, its programming interface places at your disposal many useful functions, ranging from XML serialization to displaying reminders and checking what occurrences of recurrent events happen in a specified time interval.

Note: MindFusion.Scheduling for ASP.NET relies on the jQuery library. The following copyright notice must be included in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the application.