Q: I want to show a radar chart without any background grid or colors – just the axes. And I want to have texts on them. How I do this?

A: We assume you mean you don’t want to have the outer axes of the radar chart drawn. You cannot directly hide them, but you can make them invisible by assigning to them transparent strokes and fills. Here is sample code:


Next you hide the labels drawn at the inner axis:

 radarChart1.InnerLabelType = MindFusion.Charting.Wpf.LabelType.Empty;

Here is how you set labels at the outer axes:

 radarChart1.DataSource = salesList;
 radarChart1.OuterLabelType = MindFusion.Charting.Wpf.LabelType.CustomText;
 radarChart1.OuterLabelPath = "Category";

Here we have a list with objects, which have property Category of type string. If you want to set the labels by hand you should use the OuterLabels property.

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