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JS Calendar

A light-way library to render any range of days, months or years on a web page.
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An easy way to display the calendar you want

You can fully customize how the Calendar control looks and what time period it renders.

JavaScript Calendar Control: Views

Calendar Settings

The calendar can be set for an arbitrary time period: days, months, years, decades. Clicking on the header changes the view and provides a convenient way to choose the final date. The span of dates can be changed and you can format the dates as you wish.

Online Documentation: Calendar Class Members


The calendar is styles through CSS. The control comes with a set of 10 predefined themes, which you can edit or copy to create new ones. The appearance of every element on the calendar can be customized.

Online Sample: A Calendar Control Demo

Themes in the JS Calendar Library
Localization in the JavaScript Calendar


A set of events notifies you when a new date is selected or the calendar view is changed. You have the option to cancel the select event.

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