What's New in this Release

The list below describes recent changes and additions to JPlanner

 New in Version 2.2.1

Reorder resources


  • New ItemHeaderText and ItemDescriptionText members of CustomDrawElements let you custom-draw item's text labels.
  • Enable the ExtendedCurrentTimeMarker property of TimetableSettings or TimelineSettings to make current-time marker span the full extent of timetable / resource view (instead of only header area).
  • The createImage method lets you export a bitmap representing current calendar view.
  • Fixed label rotation angles in horizontal timetable view.
  • Fixed RangeSelector exception when running under the Nimbus Look and Feel.

 New in Version 2.2

DateTime changes

  • The DateTime class now uses java.time.LocalDateTime for storage and calculations. New constructor and toJavaDateTime method provide access to the stored LocalDateTime for easier interoperability with Java APIs and components.
  • LocalDateTime storage allows for much large date range (from -999999999-01-01 to +999999999-12-31).
  • Fixed toString results for years older than 1593.
  • The Duration class now uses a java.time.Duration for storage and calculations. New constructor and toJavaDuration method provide access to the stored java.time.Duration for easier interoperability with Java APIs and components.

Dark themes

Two dark themes added, accessible via the Dark and Black elements of ThemeType enumeration, and static getDark and getBlack methods of Theme class.




  • saveToString and loadFromString methods now support ContentType.Json.
  • Fixed IllegalAccessError exception when showing standard forms in recent versions of the JDK. Date combo boxes in standard forms no longer use platform-specific ComboBoxUI implementations that cause the exception, but only BasicComboBoxUI.