NetDiagram Front-ends

The NetDiagram control provides diagramming features to create interactive Web applications by using Internet Information Services (IIS) with ASP.NET WebForms integration and AJAX.

Two different front-end techniques can be applied, as specified in the ClientSideMode property:

1. NetDiagram applies image maps on the client side; user interaction is vizualized through DIV objects.

  • HTML5 Canvas support is not required on the client side;
  • Interactive drawing is supported by means of InteractivityExtender;
  • Generated images may have hyperlinks associated with regions of the images through the Hyperlink property of items;
  • Click events can be handled on the client side by assigning a "javascript:" Hyperlink value to items;
  • The client-side imagemap allows handling the following events on the server side: NodeClicked, LinkClickedCellClicked, TreeExpanded, and TreeCollapsed; mouse-click, enter and leave events can be handled on the client side.
  • Traditional postbacks are performed to process a click on a diagram item;
  • All Web browsers are supported in read-only mode; interaction requires browsers supported by the Microsoft Ajax library;

2. Using HTML Canvas to implement client side rendering and interaction.

  • Rendering and interaction is done entirely in HTML and JavaScript;
  • Fully interactive;
  • No additional plug-ins are required on the client side;
  • Client side event model.
  • Supports all HTML5-ready browsers;

Note that the front-ends are not interchangeable. Client-side code you write to work in one of the modes might require changes if later you decide to change to another mode.

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