Charting for WinForms Programmer's Guide

MindFusion.Charting is a multi-functional dashboard library that draws various types of charts and gauges. It is implemented as a .NET control and can easily be integrated with any application targeting the Microsoft .NET platform. By providing your software with ready to use capabilities for laying out, rendering and feeding data into dashboards, MindFusion.Charting saves you hundreds of hours coding and debugging.

With MindFusion.Charting you can:

MindFusion.Charting, as a component, has been specially designed to be very easy to use, with intuitive programming interface and simple, elegant software architecture.

MindFusion.Charting has been tested with the most popular .NET development environments and programming languages, and is used by companies from all around the world to create applications in C#, VB.NET and Delphi.NET.