MindFusion.Diagramming.Lanes Namespace
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Contains classes that let you display lanes and grids in NetDiagram.

The lane grid lets you emphasize the relationship between a group of diagram items by displaying them in a distinct lane or cell within the grid. For example, your diagram might display a complicated processes that involves several departments of an organization. Each department might be represented by a lane, and the nodes that represent the responsibilities of a single department will be displayed in the same lane. The lanes can be further divided into cells. For example, that could be used to display a timeline and allocate the diagram nodes to specific dates.

To display lanes or a grid, set the EnableLanes property of the Diagram class to true. In order to customize the grid, set the various attributes exposed by the LaneGrid property, which lets you specify the number of rows and columns, add headers, customize the cell appearance, and so on.


  Class Description


Contains the arguments passed to handlers of the CellBoundsChanged event.


Represents a lane grid.


Represents a header in a grid view.


Represents a strongly typed collection of Header objects.


Contains the arguments passed to handlers of header-related events.


Contains the arguments passed to handlers of header resize events.


Encapsulates the appearance properties of an element in a lane grid.


  Interface Description


Defines a base for cells in a lane list.


  Enumeration Description


Specifies how to resize child columns and rows in the lanes grid when their parent column or row is resized.