Diagram.linkCrossings Property
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Gets or sets a value indicating how to render the intersection points of links.

Namespace: MindFusion.Diagramming
Package: Diagram.js


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get linkCrossings() {}
set linkCrossings(value) {}

 Property Value


A member of the LinkCrossings enumeration. The default value is Straight.


Intersection points where links cross each other's paths can be rendered as arcs or cuts, depending on the value of this property. The diagram z-order defines which links jump over the others or which links are cut by the others. If linkCrossings is set to Arcs, links with higher zIndex jump over those with lower zIndex. If set to Cut, segments of links at lower z-position are cut by links at higher z-position. Radius of arcs and cuts can be set via the crossingRadius property.

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