Using NetDiagram in ImageMap mode

  1. Set the ClientSideMode property to ImageMap.
  2. Make sure the ImageGen files are available in the respective folder after the NetDiagram installation:
    ImageGen files for Visual Basic are located in the NetDiagram\Redistributable\ImageGen.VB folder.
    You can find installed ImageGen files for C# in NetDiagram\Redistributable\ImageGen.CS.
  3. From the main menu, select Website - > Add Existing Item
    Select the ImageGen.ashx file from the installation folder and press the Add button to add this file to the web site project. The ImageGen.ashx file appears in the Solution Explorer in the project tree.
  4. Perform the steps to activate the user interaction feature:
    • Add an MindFusion.Extenders.dll reference to the Web Site project
    • Place an InteractivityExtender object on the form
    • Set its TargetControlID property to the ID of the DiagramView control

The following topics guide you while implementing NetDiagram in ImageMap mode:

Creating Items Programmatically

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