OrthogonalRouter Class
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Implements an orthogonal link routing algorithm.

Namespace: MindFusion.Diagramming.Layout
Package: MindFusion.Diagramming


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public class OrthogonalRouter : Layout

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Public Class OrthogonalRouter
    Inherits Layout


OrthogonalRouter is a secondary layout algorithm that can be used to arrange links after an initial node arrangement has already been applied. The orthogonal layout is useful when there are much more links than nodes in a graph. The algorithm strives to achieve the following criteria, while preserving as much of the initial node configuration as possible.

  • links must not overlap;
  • only vertical and horizontal routing lines are used;
  • graph routing is performed with respect to the specified main layout direction;
  • links crossings are minimized;
  • bends are minimized;

To arrange a diagram, create an OrthogonalRouter instance, set its properties and call the Arrange method.

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