DiagramView Class
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Renders the contents of a Diagram on a web page.

Namespace: MindFusion.Diagramming.WebForms
Package: MindFusion.Diagramming.WebForms


C#  Copy Code

public class DiagramView : WebControl, IPostBackDataHandler, INamingContainer, IZoomTarget

Visual Basic  Copy Code

Public Class DiagramView
    Inherits WebControl
    Implements IPostBackDataHandler, INamingContainer, IZoomTarget


Users actions are validated mostly by handling various events, fired while items are being created, modified or deleted.

In addition, the DiagramView class provides some properties that control user interaction. Behavior specifies how users actions with the mouse are interpreted - by creating nodes, links, selection, and so on. Setting that property selects one of several predefined Behavior objects to control what happens when users draw with the mouse.

To specify whether in-place editing the text of nodes by double-clicking is enabled, set AllowInplaceEdit.

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