Charting for WinForms Programmer's Guide
BarChart.StackOuterLabels Property
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Gets or sets whether outer labels are displayed stacked on top of stacked bars, instead of showing them on the bar sides.

Namespace: MindFusion.Charting.WinForms
Assembly: MindFusion.Charting.WinForms


C#  Copy Code

public bool StackOuterLabels { get; set; }

Visual Basic  Copy Code

Public Property StackOuterLabels As Boolean

 Property Value

true to stack outer labels, or false otherwise. The default value is false.


This property is considered when BarLayout is set to Stack. If it's enabled, outer labels are drawn on top of the bar stack in vertical bar charts, or to the right of the stack in horizontal charts. If disabled, outer labels are drawn along the bar's length.

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