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Dashboard Class
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A control that contains multiple chart plots and gauges and manages their layout.

Namespace: MindFusion.Charting.WinForms
Assembly: MindFusion.Charting.WinForms


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public class Dashboard : Control, RootControl

Visual Basic  Copy Code

Public Class Dashboard
    Inherits Control
    Implements RootControl


A new instance of Dashboard contains only an empty LayoutPanel where you should add Plot, GaugeRenderer and AxisRenderer objects that define the dashboard content. By default LayoutPanel is a StackPanel instance, where you can also add intermediate Panel classes to change the layout relationships between child components.

Chart classes derive from Dashboard and provide initial dashboard configuration with only a single SeriesRenderer and Plot of respective types that draw data from chart's Series property. For example, BarChart is a dashboard that contains a Plot2DBarRenderer, and X and Y AxisRenderer components. If you need to display more plots or axis renderers in a dashboard, you could either start from an empty Dashboard, or add the extra components to the LayoutPanel of a concrete Chart class that already contains its default plot and axis components.

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