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BarRenderer Class
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A SeriesRenderer that draws bars in its containing plot.

Namespace: MindFusion.Charting
Assembly: MindFusion.Charting


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public class BarRenderer : Renderer2D, BarContainer

Visual Basic  Copy Code

Public Class BarRenderer
    Inherits Renderer2D
    Implements BarContainer


BarRenderer must be placed inside a Plot2D component. It draws each data item as a bar, and if there are more than one series provided, groups of data elements at same index are drawn as group of bars centered around items' coordinates. If the GetLabel method of Series object returns InnerLabel or OuterLabel strings, they are drawn respectively inside or above their corresponding bar.

Bar renderers can work with either one- or two- dimensional data series. If series' Dimensions property returns 1, the data values are used to calculate the height of bars. If Dimensions returns 2, values from first dimension are used to calculate positions of bars, and values from second dimension are used to calculate heights. If a bar renderer contains more than one series, positions of bar groups are determined only by GetValue results of first series.

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