Charting for WinForms Programmer's Guide
Plot Class
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The base class for components used to draw chart graphics.

Namespace: MindFusion.Charting
Assembly: MindFusion.Charting


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public class Plot : Component, SeriesContainer

Visual Basic  Copy Code

Public Class Plot
    Inherits Component
    Implements SeriesContainer


Plot is the base class for components that provide drawing surface to SeriesRenderer objects used to render series data. Use the derived Plot2D class to draw series in 2D Cartesian coordinate system, using renderers such as LineRenderer or BarRenderer. Use Plot3D to draw in 3D Cartesian coordinate system, using renderers such as BarRenderer3D. PolarPlot is the base class for drawing in polar coordinate system and can be used along with PieRenderer. RadarPlot can contain renderers for radar-chart graphics, such as RadarRenderer and PieRadarRenderer.

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