WPF Diagram Control, V3.3.1
Resize of table columns and rows, Barcode nodes, improvements in the ShapeDesigner and more.
WebForms Pack 2015.R1
For web applications full with features, style and interactivity.
Reporting for WinForms, V2.3
Now with a brand new Barcode report item.
Diagramming for JavaScript, V2.3
Let's create web applications that are pleasure to look at and to develop.
Bootstrap Slider

Component Suites for a Variety of Platforms

We assist you to deliver fantastic software solutions on budget, on time and to meet your objectives. Whether it is desktop, web or mobile, MindFusion components will bring to your application functionality that takes months to develop.

"MindFusion is a truly top-quality component vendor, with excellent documentation, sample code, and support." Mr. Jesse Mark, Marlin Controls.


MindFusion offers a comprehensive set of components for a variety of platforms and frameworks.

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