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InSight Diagrammer

An easy-to-use application for creating and editing any type of flowchart.
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Create and Style The Perfect Diagram

No matter weather you are experienced computer users or a novice - with MindFusion InSight Diagrammer all the features you'd ever need to create, style, save and load a flowchart are at your fingertips. You don't need special training or skills - just run the software and give way to your imagination.

Diagram Items

You have extensive collections of predefined diagram items for business, devices, networks, people, signs, objects and of course the standard flowchart node shapes. Each diagram item can have unlimited number of incoming and outgoing links. Each link can take a variety of base and head shapes, the middle part is also customizable and can be in different forms and with different count of segments. You can change the color, width and transparency of the links. The nodes can hold images and display text. Their appearance is also completely customizable.

User Interaction

InSight Diagrammer lets you perform a wide range of actions - from the standard creating and saving of existing diagrams to more complicated like undo and redo. You can create unlimited number of links and nodes, move, modify and save them. Each diagram item can be locked, its position in the Z-order of the diagram changed. You can align a group of selected nodes with a mouse click.

Import and Export Options

You can export your diagram into variety of formats. If you want to save it as an image, you can choose among the Bitmap, Windows Metafile, JPEG, GIF and PNG file formats. Export to a Visio 2003 XML drawing file is another options. In this case InSight Diagrammer tries to preserve as much of the original styling of the diagram as possible. Finally, you can export your flowchart to an HTML file, creating a web page. In this scenario you can associate hyperlinks to the nodes whose URL you set in the properties tab.

User Interface

The software offers rich user interface with numerous dialogs, menus and toolbars that let you customize your diagram in an intuitive and easy way. Each of the layouts that the software supports has a toolbar with options associated with it. There is also a toolbar with various styling settings. InSight provides numerous dialogs with the properties of the nodes, links and the whole diagram.

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