MindFusion.Diagramming for WPF, V3.3

The complete set of diagramming features for a WPF application.
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Diagramming Made Easy

MindFusion.Diagramming for WPF is the right tool for building any type of diagram, flowchart, scheme, graph, class hierarchy, genealogy tree or algorithm in Silverlight. And many more.

Diagram Elements

Diagramming for WPF offers you multiple types of nodes and links. ShapeNodes display geometric shapes, with more than 100 predefined shapes available out of the box. ContainerNodes let you nest child nodes. DiagramNodeAdapters let you use arbitrary WPF UIElement objects as nodes in the diagram. TableNodes can present grids and tables with unlimited number of rows and columns. All types of nodes can be freely rotated and resized.

User Interaction

Users can perform a variety of actions on the diagram - from scrolling and zooming to pan and clipboard operations. You can choose among several user interaction modes. Grid alignment and multiple selection are also part of the features. You can resize several nodes simultaneously.

Layout Algorithms

Diagramming for WPF offers more than 15 automatic layout algorithms - force-directed, structural and topological. They are all very easy to apply and change - with two lines of code you can change completely the appearance of your diagram till you find the perfect look.

Diagram Behavior

With MindFusion.Diagramming for WPF you can perform a variety of actions - lock selected diagram elements or enable the read-only mode. You can scroll tables or expand and collapse hierarchy branches in trees. The component also supports in-place editing of text and dynamic positioning of links relative to the connected nodes.

Output and Data

You can export your diagram into variety of formats - bitmap images, PDF or SVG files, WMF images or to a browser using HTML image maps. Every diagram can be saved and loaded to / from a file on the disc, .NET stream, ASCII string or a XML document.

"We are using the WPF diagramming component and are very happy with its quality. Moreover, we thank the MindFusion team for the individual and highly motivated customer support. Even in difficult situations and under time pressure you could help us out anytime."

Mr. Joerg Hubacher, CEO of AMADEE

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