CompositeNode Class
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CompositeNode implements nodes whose appearance can be defined via composition of components and layout containers.

Namespace: MindFusion.Diagramming
Package: MindFusion.Diagramming


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public class CompositeNode : DiagramNode, IComponentHost

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Public Class CompositeNode
    Inherits DiagramNode
    Implements IComponentHost


Use the Components property to add components to the node. The components are arranged on top of each other by default. To apply custom arrangement logic either parent the components in a ContainerComponent, such as GridPanel, and add this ContainerComponent to the CompositeNode or override the ArrangeComponents method to apply custom arrangement logic.

To search for a component given its name, use the FindComponent method. To get a component at a specific position, use GetComponentAt.

For additional information about components, check the Components topic.

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