SvgNode Class
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Represents nodes that can render SVG drawings.

Namespace: MindFusion.Diagramming
Package: MindFusion.Diagramming


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public class SvgNode : ShapeNode

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Public Class SvgNode
    Inherits ShapeNode


An SvgNode instance represents nodes that can display SVG drawings in addition to the rendering provided by the base ShapeNode class. The SVG drawing is rendered after the associated Image and just before the DrawNode event is raised with CustomDraw.Additional.

The SVG drawing of the node is specified through its Content property. The SVG graphics is loaded and associated with the node through an SvgContent object, which should be initialized and then assigned to this property.

The following code illustrates how to load an SVG graphics from a local file and associate it with an existing SvgNode (referenced by the svgNode variable):

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SvgContent content = new SvgContent();
svgNode.Content = content;

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Dim content As New SvgContent()
svgNode.Content = content


The SvgContent class is defined in the MindFusion.Svg.dll assembly. You need to add a reference to this assembly in the target project and import the necessary namespaces.

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