RoutingOptions Class
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Allows customization of various aspects of the link routing algorithm.

Namespace: MindFusion.Diagramming
Package: MindFusion.Diagramming


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public class RoutingOptions : RoutingOptions

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Public Class RoutingOptions
    Implements RoutingOptions


Use the RoutingOptions member of the Diagram class to access the sole instance of this class.

NetDiagram uses a cost minimization algorithm to route links between nodes. For each link, there is a routing grid built for the area that encloses the link and its origin and destination nodes. The size of the grid pieces is set via GridSize. Each piece of the grid is marked as an obstacle if it intersects an Obstacle node. Some cost values are assigned to the remaining pieces, depending on how distant they are from nodes and other links.

That algorithm evaluates possible paths across the routing grid aiming to find one that has a minimal cost. The values of LengthCost, TurnCost, CrossingCost and NodeVicinityCost are added to the total cost of a route and have a great influence over the shape of the chosen path.

The StartOrientation and EndOrientation properties specify the orientation of the first and last segments of routed links, and Anchoring specifies whether link ends should be aligned to the anchor points defined for nodes.

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