HandlesStyle Enumeration
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Enumerates possible visual styles for frames that are drawn around selected nodes.

Namespace: MindFusion.Diagramming
Package: MindFusion.Diagramming


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public enum HandlesStyle

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Public Enum HandlesStyle


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NetDiagram raises the DrawAdjustmentHandles and HitTestAdjustmentHandles events to let your application perform custom drawing and hit testing of selection handles.


If selected, a node is drawn with a dashed frame. The frame enables resizing the node. The center of the node allows moving it and the edge area enables creating links.


Any point of the interior of a node enables moving the node, except a small area in the center that allows creating links. Best used with ModificationStart set to AutoHandles.


If selected, the item is drawn with hatched frame. Modifications can be done as with DashFrame.


If selected, a node is drawn with both hatched frame and modification handles. The frame enable moving the node, and the handles enable resizing. Links are created from any point of the interior.


Looks like HatchHandles, but allows moving the node from the interior area. Links are created from the points near the edge.


Behaves like HatchHandles2, but paints the selection frame using a denser brush pattern.


There is no visible difference between selected and unselected node.


There aren't any selection handles displayed. The selected node can be only moved, but not resized.


If a node is selected, it can be only moved. Best used with ModificationStart set to AutoHandles.


Corner resize handles are round, remaining handles are square.


Corner resize handles are round, remaining handles are square. In addition, there is a dashed frame drawn around selected nodes.


If selected, the node is drawn with square modification handles.


Square resize handles are drawn around a selected node. There isn't a move handle in the center as with the SquareHandles style, but nodes can be moved by dragging their interior or caption areas. Links can be created by drawing from near the edges of a node.


The selection style can be set independently for individual nodes and links through their DiagramNode.HandlesStyle and DiagramLink.HandlesStyle properties. For most of these styles, it is recommended to set ModificationStart to AutoHandles.

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