MindFusion.UI.Pack for JavaFX

A fast and easy way to build rich UI applications with JavaFX
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Build the Perfect User Interface in JavaFX

An extensive suit of ready-to-use programming tools, which offer you quick and cost-effective way to build the user interface of your JavaFX application.

Note: This is an obsolete product and is no longer supported by MindFusion. Java developers are welcome to try our scheduling for Java Swing, diagramming for Java Swing, charting for Android or diagramming for Android components.


  • Navigation buttons
  • Month view
  • Context menu
  • Single-day selection


  • Analogue clock
  • Can pick up the current system time


  • Customizable drop-down height
  • Drop-down activation button
  • two drop-down styles


  • The number of displayed records is limited only by the available memory
  • In place editing for strings, numbers, boolean
  • Resizable columns
  • Sorting
  • Customizable column background
  • Adjustable row height
  • Unlimited number of columns
  • Column title


  • Holds any type of JavaFX Node-derived objects
  • Variable node size
  • Scrolling
  • Keyboard interaction
  • Customizable background


  • Use anywhere within a scene graph
  • Supports context menu
  • Customizable background


  • Can hold other controls
  • Close buttons on tabs
  • Tool-tips for tabs


  • Can hold any JavaFX node graph as item
  • Drop down menus
  • Tooltips


  • Can be associated with any node
  • Simple strings or a composition of Node-derived objects
  • Automatic repostitioning


  • Can host controls such as buttons and check boxes
  • Variable item size
  • Lines among nodes
  • Expand / collapse buttons
  • Keyboard interaction
  • Customizable background


  • Supports title, menu, context menu, toolbars, buttons
  • Supports interactive moving and resizing
  • Can be minimizied, maximized and activated, if hosted in WindowHost