MindFusion.Diagramming for ASP.NET, V5.4.1

Great diagrams built in an intuitive, easy to comprehend way.
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Several Usage Modes and Endless Features List

The component supports a large set of customization and appearance settings, diagram elements and input/output options. Everything packed in an easy to use and easy to understand API.

The Diagram

You can choose among a set of more than 80 predefined node shapes with the option to create your own nodes. You can create tables with unlimited number of rows and columns or nest diagram elements with the container nodes. Each link can have numerous segments - both straight lines and curves. You can move, lock and rotate the elements.

Diagram Appearance

You can customize diagram nodes in a variety of ways to achieve optimal results. You can place both images and text inside the nodes, define user shapes or use custom drawing for the items. Text can be laid out in polygonal areas and you can use HTML-like text formatting to style it. The diagram items support shadows and can be transparent or invisible.

User Interaction

The component has a rich user interaction model that supports several user interaction modes. The diagram can be scrolled and zoomed, panning is also supported. You can select multiple items, add tool tips or define docking points for nodes. Each action can be cancelled or repeated with the undo/redo functionality. You can also use clipboard operations.

Output and Serialization

You can show your diagram in a web page with a JavaApplet or as an image with associated client-side image map. Other options are to print it or create a bitmap. Your diagrams can be stored as files on the hard disk or as .NET streams. Export and import to / from XML and ASCII strings are also supported.

Usage Modes

Feature Java Applet Mode HTML Image Map Mode HTML 5 Canvas Mode
Software Requirements for the browser Java Runtime 1.6 or higher, 700 KB download of the applet's *.jar file No special requirements Support for HTML 5 Canvas*
Interactivity Fully interactive diagram creation Fully interactive; requires the Microsoft Ajax for ASP.NET libraries. Fully interactive diagram creation
Client-side Object Model Full client-side object model Limited client-side object model Full client-side object model
Event Handling Client side events Click events on client side; click, created and modified events on server side Client side events

* Generally these are browsers released in the last 3-4 years like Internet Explorer 9 or higher.

"NetDiagram is exactly what we needed for our project. It has a huge number of capabilities and it's very easy to use. Even when we wasn't sure on how to proceed, MindFusion's support was very fast and helped us achieving our goals. Great product, great value! Recommended."

Mr. Rodrigo Vinícius de Lira, System Analyst, Stefanini

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