DiagramLink.CascadeOrientation Property
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Gets or sets the orientation of the first segment of a cascading link.

Namespace: MindFusion.Diagramming
Package: MindFusion.Diagramming


C#  Copy Code

public Orientation CascadeOrientation { get; set; }

Visual Basic  Copy Code

Public Property CascadeOrientation As Orientation

 Property Value

A member of the Orientation enumeration.


Use this property to specify the orientation of the first segment of a link whose Shape is set to Cascading. See Orientation for more details. The orientation of the first segment defines the orientation of all other segments in the cascade, because each next segment changes its orientation alternately to the previous one.

If the property is set to Auto, users may change the orientation of a cascading link interactively. That can be done by dragging the control point next to the first or last one to its opposite corner in the rectangle defined by its two adjacent segments. Depending on the value of AllowSplitLinks, the link orientation is changed by either inserting a new segment and changing only the orientation of the first or last segment (AllowSplitLinks is true), or by changing the orientation of all segments of the link (AllowSplitLinks is false).

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