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HtmlBuilder.ExpandBtnHyperLink Property
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Gets or sets the hyperlink assigned to AREA tags generated for the [±] buttons of Expandable nodes.

Namespace: MindFusion.Diagramming
Package: MindFusion.Diagramming


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public string ExpandBtnHyperLink { get; set; }

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Public Property ExpandBtnHyperLink As String

 Property Value

A string value containing an URL. The default is an empty string.


If the value of this property is not an empty string, the HtmlBuilder creates <AREA> tags for the expand/collapse buttons displayed besides nodes. That lets you process requests to expand or collapse a tree branch on the server, or just use the [±] button as additional hot spots in the image map. The hyperlink string can contain any of the following format specifiers:




Replaced with the ZIndex of the node associated with the [±] button.


Replaced with the Tag of the node associated with the [±] button.

The ZIndex of a node can be used to directly access the node within the Items collection, it has the same value as the index of an item within that collection. The Tag can be used to find a node by calling the FindNode method.


To have a JavaScript method called with node's Tag passed as parameter when a [±] button area is clicked, setup an HtmlBuilder instance as shown below:

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HtmlBuilder hb = new HtmlBuilder(diagram);
hb.ExpandBtnHyperLink = "javascript: void processExpand({1})";

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Dim hb As New HtmlBuilder(diagram)
hb.ExpandBtnHyperLink = "javascript: void processExpand({1})"

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