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About Us

MindFusion is an independent software vendor that believes all companies - big and small alike - as well private individuals should have access to affordable, high-quality software. This has been the core of our business since 2001. We are dedicated to writing great software and serving the people who want to use it.

Mountains near Sofia, Bulgaria

Brief Company History

MindFusion was founded in 2001 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company started operations by providing outsourcing services to clients from all over the world. Project work was carefully managed to ensure the company's stable growth and positive financial results. Gradually, working in the sphere of software engineering, the management team realized that everyday job needed improvement. Project work could benefit from re-using certain parts of a software, previously developed for another client.

Other components that had not been domestically developed could be bought from an independent vendor. After careful market research it turned out that reliable programming components of the complexity and flexibility that MindFusion wanted, were impossible to find.

During 2003 MindFusion devoted its resources to developing its first programming tool - an ActiveX diagramming control. The product soon started to attract numerous clients thanks to the talent of its creators and the hard work they put in it. MindFusion quickly evolved from a small outsourcing firm to a larger organization dedicated to the development of reusable programming components and focusing with utmost attention and care on its user community - software engineers from all over the world.

Today MindFusion is one of the most popular providers for software components. Apart of that the company develops and sells successfully end-user software and offers freeware programs. Each day MindFusion wins more and more new clients thanks to the high quality of its products and exclusively good customer support.

Talking about the future we could say that the company shall continue its aggressive marketing strategy - always to develop new products and enter new markets. In the meantime we shall also continue to value our customers as the first and main aspect of our business and our priority shall always be customer delight and satisfaction.

Business Principles

From the very beginning MindFusion has kept its fundamental principles how to work and treat our clients. Our principles have built the success of our company, they are the important rules that guide us every day:

The above listed principles give overall view of the culture of our company - the list is not full and cannot be full - there is always something new to add. No matter how every one of us spends her/his working day the goal is always one: to satisfy our clients as much as possible and to give our best in order to create the best products.

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