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Virtual Keyboard for Java Swing, V1.0

Keyboard functionality for Java Swing software that runs on touchscreen terminals.
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On-screen Keyboard for your Java Swing Software

Make any digital information kiosk that uses a Java Virtual Machine software as responsive and convenient to use as a hand-held mobile device.

Java Virtual Keyboard: Extended Layout

Keyboard Layout

The library includes two predefined keyboard layouts - Default and Extended. The Default layout is similar to a laptop keyboard without a numpad. Extended mode corresponds to a full keyboard with numpad and navigational key sections.

API Reference: Virtual Keys

Keyboard Creator

The Keyboard Creator tool lets you quickly generate initial layout by choosing a language from the property palette. Then you can remove unnecessary keys, move or resize existing ones or change their labels.

API Reference: Keyboard Layout

Virtual Keyboard Creator
The Keyboard in Office Blue


The library supports themes for the keyboard appearance and templates for the appearance of keys. There is a set of predefined themes provided with the component.

API Reference: Virtual Keyboard Appearance


With the Virtual Keyboard for Java Swing you can:

Online Help: Java Keyboard Class

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