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Diagramming for ASP.NET MVC, V4.2

The right tool to build any diagram or flowchart with ASP.NET MVC.
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The Perfect Tool to Build Any Type of Diagram in ASP.NET MVC

Powerful, yet easy to implement and program, MindFusion MVC Diagram is the ideal choice for web applications that utilize the ASP.NET MVC platform and need data visualization.

Client and Server Side

The server side of the MVC diagram is a data-visualization model that lets you create structures like flowcharts, lane diagrams, trees, graphs, org charts, hierarchies, ER schemes, database charts etc. The client side is a JavaScript control that uses an HTML Canvas element to render the diagram content.

Online Sample: Bordered Tree Layout Algorithm
Online Help: Mvc Diagram Fundamentals

Diagram Items

The MVC Diagram library offers an impressive variety of nodes, containers, connectors and handles. The control comes with more than 100 predefined shapes and a Shape creator tool that lets you design your own shapes. There are table nodes with spanning cells and container nodes that can hold unlimited number of diagram nodes. Composite nodes allow you to create your own templated nodes.

Online Samples: Table Nodes with Spanning Cells | Org Chart with Custom Nodes | Custom Nodes with Composite Node Templating
Online Help: Table of Predefined Shapes


The rich event set provides you with notifications for any action the user performs on the client side of the diagram. When nodes get resized, deleted, moved or edited you can not only handle the action but also cancel it. The events are raised with an instance of the appropriate EventArgs class that gives you detailed information about the event.

Online Samples: Events Tutorial | Client Events
Online Documentation: Diagram Events

Keyboard Actions

Undo and Redo actions are supported out of the box for any action the user performs without restrictions on the number of actions. The control also allows clipboard operations: cut, copy and paste.

Online Samples: Clipboard Operations | Keyboard Commands
Online Documentation: Undo and Redo

Auxiliary Controls

Beside the core ASP.NET MVC diagram control you get several add-on controls: a ruler with customizable unit of measure; a NodeListView that supports drag and drop of the included diagram nodes onto the diagram workplace; a Zoom control with customizable step; an Overview control, which provides precious help when rendering large, complex diagrams.

Online Samples: Controls | NodeListView Control
Online Documentation: Overview and NodeListView

Serialization and Export

You can serialize your diagram in .NET streams and XML both of which can be saved onto the disc. You can also load it from streams and XML files. I you want to export your diagram you can choose among Bitamp images, DXF files, PDF, SVG, Microsoft Visio VDX files, WMF images, Adobe Flash SWF files or Microsoft Excel XLSX files.

Online Samples: PDF Export | Load Hierarchical Data Recursively from XML
Online Documentation: Diagram Serialization and Output

Styling and Themes

Each element of the diagram can be customized - fonts, brushes, background. Nodes can be painted with various brushes - gradient, hatch, solid and support effects: glass and aero. Text inside the nodes supports HTML formatting tags. Nodes can have both images and text. Links can have different head and base shapes and be of different shape themselves: Bezier, multiline, cascading etc. You can apply themes on the diagram as well create your own themes with the Theme editor tool.

Online Sample: Themes
Online Documentation: Appearance

.NET Core Support

MindFusion.Diagramming for ASP.NET MVC distribution includes assemblies for .NET Core 2.1 and newer versions. The programming interface is mostly the same, except for a few differences listed in .NET Core Assemblies help topic. Tutorial help topics have been updated for .NET Core as well.

Online Documentation: Tutorials

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