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What MindFusion Clients are Saying...

"First, I cannot say how totally impressed I am with the code. The function and variable names are descriptive and informative, negating the need for comments all the time.
I have replaced the free Reo spreadsheet in merely 1 day. Unbelievable. The program is nearly 2 MB smaller and MF Spread is way faster."

Mr. Lonnie Nunweiler, comments on the WinForms Controls Suite. Read the full post here.

"I've just ordered and can't wait to begin integrating into my project! Trying to write my own custom library for diagramming has been killing me - with this I'm excited to get back on the road to progress."

Mr. Kevin Sheahan, Killbox, comments on Diagramming for JavaScript.

" I’ve never seen components so well-designed nor have I had the privilege of deploying ones of this caliber.."

Mr. Kerry B. Rogers comments on the WinForms pack.

"First of all, I want to thank you that everything goes so well and my questions are answered quickly and in details."

Mr. Juri Hamann, Endian Code

"FlowChartX has enabled us to provide comprehensive graphical diagramming facilities to our product, thus significantly enhancing the visualisation capabilities and making our software much easier to use. Mindfusion’s support has been outstanding and their products are reliable and work well. They respond very quickly to support queries and have implemented several enhancements for us in a matter of days. I would recommend them without hesitation. "

Mr. Darius Panahy, Director Information Engineering Technology Ltd comments on Diagramming for ActiveX.

"I'm very impressed by the MindFusion Diagramming product. It is very well designed and professionally implemented. In addition, they have a very responsive and helpful support forum.

Most of my diagramming code is based on the WinForms version of their product. When I needed to display the same diagrams in a little Android app, I feared that I'd have to write a lot of code to get it to work. Instead, I was practically amazed to discover that the MindFusion Diagramming product for Android was as compatible as technically possible with the WinForms version. Just serialize to XML on one platform, ship it over to the other platform, and deserialize it - it just works!"

Ms. Rennie Petersen, Manager Merlinia A/S, Denmark comments on Diagramming for Android.

"We are extremely satisfied with the products and support you supplied and will continue using them."

Mr. Nieko Punt, MEDIMATICS comments on FlowChart.NET. Here is a video.

"Searching through a range of alternatives led me to Mindfusion Winforms. Mindfusion made it possible for my desire for a tool to become reality. This is because it’s easy and reliable to use (I have never had any bugs apart from my own); every time I think I would like to do something I find that I can (often with the support of the forum and the comprehensive help documentation) and Mindfusion came with such a great range of example programs (some I have used within my application).

System Designer is free software and is available from It only exists because the reality of Mindfusion matched the dreams I had for a powerful learning tool for my students."

Mr. Bill Collis, New Zealand on using FlowChart.NET in his System Designer tool. Read the whole case study here.

"NetDiagram is exactly what we needed for our project. It has a huge number of capabilities and it's very easy to use. Even when we wasn't sure on how to proceed, MindFusion's support was very fast and helped us achieving our goals. Great product, great value! Recommended."

Mr. Rodrigo Vinícius de Lira, System Analyst, Stefanini comments on NetDiagram.

"We are using the WPF diagramming component and are very happy with its quality. Moreover, we thank the MindFusion team for the individual and highly motivated customer support. Even in difficult situations and under time pressure you could help us out anytime."

Mr. Jog Huaraches, CEO of AMADEE comments on WpfDiagram.

"Awesome product and truly amazing customer support!!!"

Mr. Gerry Weaver of Compile Corp.. comments on FlowChartX.

"Your product is a masterpiece."

Mr. Mike Antsy CTO of Servicelink comments on NetDiagram.

"We chose the FlowChartX Pro component after a lengthy investigation into diagramming components. Of all of the components tested it was by far the easiest to use and provided a range of features not matched by the competition.

We expect the best from the components we use and demand a high degree of reliability and many rich features. Coupled with our belief that anything is possible every component we use is pushed to its limits. FlowChartX Pro certainly fulfills these requirements.

A competitor's product had been used on a previous project and we had experienced a number of disappointments with their lack of service and commitment to us the developer, especially in the areas of enhancements and product support.

Via and the rest of the team at MindFusion have completely exceeded our expectations, offering a fast, efficient and friendly service. They are always available when we need them and very quick to offer turnaround on suggestions and modifications for the numerous 'what if' and 'wish list' items we raise.

To date our experiences with MindFusion rank them at the top of our 'best-loved' suppliers list."

Mr. Robert Assink, Flash point Limited

"I wanted to take the time to say thank you for your help and support with your Flowchart. Net product. This is exactly what I was looking for as a developer. The functionality of your chart control is very rich and flexible and has saved me countless hours where I would have had to build my own chart control from scratch.

Another very important factor that made decide to go with your product was the fast and friendly support (I think your website even says something about that actually). I have been able to get all of my questions answered during the development phase of my project and I am very pleased to be doing business with your company. Thank you!"

Mr. Arlo Heriot, Perplexes

"Planner.NET is great! Completely stable and its feature set is rich. The intuitive design and simple API are far better than any of the competition. I am sure our users shall appreciate the beautiful user interface too. And above all, the MindFusion technical support is fantastic, this is an important reason itself for me to use this control."

Mr. Mark Roberts, Scientia

"Our application being developed and delivered at the end of November 2007 is called PhonePROBE. This is a wiretap application which will be used by several Law Enforcement agencies in a South America country to combat Counterfeit (fake money) and the Illegal Drug Trade.

Calls are legally intercepted and digitally recorded using PhonePROBE. Call information is stored in a database which can later be queried and the calls played-back by the case investigator. FlowChartX is used to create diagrams showing relationships between suspects and calls made and/or received. Thanks to FlowChartX it is very easy for Investigators to clearly identify phone numbers which are common between suspects which aids in their investigation."

Mr. Orlando E. Cruz, Horizon Software Designs LLC

"I must say that I am very very impressed with the speed and quality of the support from MindFusion."

Mr. Shaun Burrowes, Eiger Group Ltd, commenting on Planner.NET.

"MindFusion is a truly top-quality component vendor, with excellent documentation, sample code, and support. FlowChart.NET is an extremely high-quality and useful tool for developing diagramming software, and it's been a pleasure using it to accomplish my project requirements in a timely manner."

Mr. Jesse Mark, Marlin Controls.

"We have found FlowChartX to be an excellent development component and that level of technical support provided by your company is exceptional. "

Mr. Henderson Grievousness, Smacks UK

"Not only has the FlowChart.NET component solved two major problems for us, the MindFusion team is always prompt in their responses to our questions and extremely helpful. In fact, we deal with a few big component vendors, such as Inferiorities. MindFusion's desire to help us has so far exceeded the effort put forth by the other vendors that it's frustrating getting support from anyone else. We have found that MindFusion is an indispensable part of our product development team!"

Mr. Marks Pope, PaperWise

"Simply the best! I've tried several diagramming tools available, but FlowChart. Net is my choice. It is powerful, fast, solid and very easy to use. The tech support is special too. They are always ready to answer my questions and provide sample apes to show how to use the component. I highly recommend this diagramming solution."

Mr. Andre Pies, Extra Soft, Brazil

"The use of FlowChart.NET proved to be of a great help, hence contributed to the success of our product. Therefore we recommend FlowChart.NET as a good choice for solutions that imply various types of diagrams and charts, in many different formats."

Mr. Rhodanic Theodor-Emanuel, Ara Solutions & Consulting

"The FlowChart.NET component has made creating our applications possible. The quality of the control and the support provided has made implementation a rapid process. If we would have had to write this component it would have taken many months. Thanks and keep up the great work."

Mr. Matthew Barker, Zippier Networks, Inc

"I'd like to congratulate you for this really great component! I simply love it! It took me only 2 hours to implement all features of my index-navigator! As mentioned above: Best flow-charting component ever."

Mr. Carsten Summer, 25hours communications GmbH

"I researched all the .net flowchart components on the market and found Mind Fusions' FlowChart. net to be the best for features and price. Using it was easy with many great examples and very clear documentation. The Tree Arrange object is especially useful for automatically arranging nodes. And, all my mailed questions were promptly answered. MindFusion is a great company and FlowChart. Net is a great product. You can't go wrong with them."

Mr. Vincent Alexander, KandoSystems

"Again - wonderful flowchart control! I've looked at several other controls on the web, and I like MindFusion's FlowChart.NET the most."

Mr. Roman Vinnitsa, Eden inc

FlowChart.NET has enabled our company to produce a comprehensive workflow application in a substantially shorter period of time than we had anticipated. As an extensive user of third-party controls, we are extremely impressed with the stability and maturity of the MindFusion's component.

Mr. Karl Costochondral, Competent Technologies, Inc.

"Thank you... I was worried that customer support was going to be an issue with a company in Europe (me being in Colorado), but you are more responsive than people across town."

Mr. Ned Harding, Extend The Reach

"This control is one of the most useful 3rd party controls I've used."

Mr. Martin Serrano, commenting on FlowChart.NET

"The FlowChartX control from MindFusion is a really good tool. I've successfully used this library to programmatically build Entity-Relationship Diagrams and Structure Diagrams with no effort at all.

It's very easy to use and help files are very complete. I have to say that I'm impressed since the day I started testing this tool. Support is great too; a couple of issues I reported were answered within hours and they even made some software upgrades within 24 hours since I contacted them.

Now I'm planning to include Class Diagrams on my software; and again I'm going to rely on that wonderful control. Today I can focus on what to do and not on how to do it. I really recommend this impressive software."

Mr. Diego Menace, AboveSoft

"After evaluating different flowchart graphic controls we decided to use FlowChart. Net.

It fulfils all the requirements of our application and have many more useful features than the competitive components that we investigated, so we could customize our application in a friendly way what have shortened our development efforts.

One of the powerful FlowChart.NET features is that it allows to order the nodes in a diagram with a single method call, using the provided automatic layout classes.

By the way, MindFusion have answered all our requests and questions very fast with a real sense of customer orientation."

Ms.. Monica Nautili, SW Factory Manager, Patagonia Technologies

"For many years I have searched far and wide for software development tools to use for diagrammatic representation of data for intelligence analysts and fraud investigators with limited success, until I found MindFusion. It is easy to see why MindFusion attracts such glowing testimonials to their products, quite simply they work and they work well. The products are functionally rich, easy to use, and offer a powerful feature list to address many design and development requirements. As a designer and part-time developer I have found FlowChart. Net easy to use and any programming problems encountered due to my inexperience, were quickly and easily addressed by the excellent (and patient) MindFusion support staff. The sample programs provided for their products were a great boon to me as a designer and to display what is possible in using their products.

At present, I am in the midst of an R&D exercise to integrate Flowchart. Net into an existing commercial application to represent fraud investigation data in a diagrammatic form. My client is thrilled with the representation of their collected data in a pictorial form. Using icons to represent data such as people, places and vehicles; links between entities are also annotated with relevant and meaningful data. The variety of drawing layouts enhances the diagrams which often indicates to an investigator the ‘big picture’ of the datacom better than reading and comprehending copious amounts of tabular data. I highly recommend MindFusion products to any organization requiring intelligent diagrammatic representation of data. "

Mr. Douglas Livingstone, Visualize Systems


"I am taking this opportunity to let your company know that we are very pleased by your product and that it is proving much useful."

Mr. Christian Menard, commenting on FlowChartX

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