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Highly interactive, highly customizable

Now your JavaScript application can handle screen typing the way a native mobile application does.


Keyboard Layout

Extended, compact and standard layout modes. A KeyboardLayout tool helps you create and arrange custom keyboard according to your needs.

Key Images

You can use image files instead of symbols on keyboard keys.


The keyboard uses CSS styles for customizing the appearance. A set of 9 predefined keyboard themes is packed with the control.

Keyboard Language

A special property reglulates the type of input language the keyboard accepts. Currently the supported languages are eight: German, English, French, Korean, Spanish, Portugese, Russian and Bulgarian.

Key-press Dispatch

Key press is simulated by changing the text of the element that currenyl has the input focus. A special event is raised when the users presses a key.

Online Creator

The online creator tool allows you to create any type of custom keyboard with any layout you choose and any symbols, digits or literals that you want.


Hidden Keyboard

JavaScript Virtual Keyboard
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JS Keyboard
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Custom Keyboard

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JavaScript Virtual Keyboard


Various samples demonstrate all features of the library.

JavaScript Virtual Keyboard: Detailed API Reference

Detailed Documentation

All API members have comprehensive description with sample source code.

JS Diagram: Elegant API

Easy-to-use API

Elegant API design with intuitive member names.

Intellisense Support


JavaScript intellisense file for all API members is included in the distribution archive.

JavaScript Keyboard Library: Customization Options

Tailored To Your Needs

Numerous settings, customization options and styling possibilities.

Detailed Documentation

Affordable Licenses

Team licenses, attractive discounts and competitive prices.

Source Code

Source Code

You can buy the complete source code of each JS control.

Upgrade Subscription

Upgrade Subscription

12-month upgrade subscription for each purchased JS component.

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