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Q: Are there any ASP.NET samples for FlowChart.NET? I would like to integrate image generation into a web page.

A: Yes, there is the WebApp sample project, available in both the Samples\C# and Samples\VB.NET folders. The sample uses an ASP.NET IMG control and sets its URL to a web page that generates the diagram image dynamically. That web page creates a Diagram instance, loads a diagram, and uses the CreateImage method to export the diagram to jpeg. It also sets the response type to image/jpeg and finally sends the image bytes to the browser.

Q: Can I use MindFusion.Diagramming.dll on the server and the JDiagram applet on the client to implement a web diagramming solution?

A: That's what our NetDiagram control does essentially. If you prefer to implement it yourself, take a look at the HTML and JavaScript generated when you run one of the NetDiagram sample projects, for example OrgBrowser. The diagram data is transferred as zipped XML data there, using the ZipStream classes available with both .NET 2 and Java.

Q: Can I use the WebApp example approach to create Entity relationship Diagrams?

A: You might replace ShapeNodes with TableNodes in the WebApp sample to create database diagrams.

Q: Can I detect expand/collapse button clicks when using the WebApp approach to display diagrams on a web page?

A: The HtmlBuilder class used to generate the client-side image map has an ExpandBtnHyperlink property - use it to handle the click on the server (by setting the Expanded property of the clicked node) and return a new diagram image to the browser.

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