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Q: We use the mnp handles mask as follows:

IBoxItem* pBox = 
 m_pFCXWidget->createBox( QRect( 250,
 250, 140, 40 ), "Hallo!", "Tool Tip" );
When the mask of the MnpHandles Property is set to:
 pBox->put_MnpHandlesMask( 110100000 );
only the move handle and the right edge handle are shown?

A: The handles mask is a bitmask actually, so 110100000 should be the binary representation of the mask. Call the function with the decimal representation of this number:

bin 110100000 = dec 416 so pBox->put_MnpHandlesMask( 416 );

Q: How can I set mouse cursors with FlowChartX?

A: The mouse cursor can be changed using the SetMouseCursor method of the FlowChart object, which has the following prototype:

SetMouseCursor(type, handle, destroyOld)
where: 'type' is the cursor type that you want to replace ( for example the mcArrowStart constant (= 3) indicates mouse cursor for an arrow start ); 'handle' is cursor resource handle, as returned by the ::LoadCursor Window's API; 'destroyOld' is a boolean value indicating if the previous used cursor should be destroyed; For example, if the FlowChart object is called 'fc' you can use the following Visual C++ code to change the cursor:

Q: How can I call LoadPicFromRes from a VB program?

A: You should insert your image files (.jpeg, .ico, .bmp, etc) as custom resource. You should give them string IDs, not integers as resource editor uses by default. If the resources are located in your .exe file you can pass 0 for resource-instance handle.

Note that when the project is run in VB in interpreted mode the resources cannot be found using 0, because the project is run in the process of VB.EXE. If you build the project as an executable and run it, it works just fine.

If you store your resources in a separate dll, you should use GetModuleHandle API function to get the instance handle for the dll.

Q: I am seriously considering to buy FlowChartX. What technical support do I get with the control. How much should I pay for further versions?

A: Everyone who has a licensed copy of FlowChartX gets technical support and upgrades for free 12 months after the purchase.

Q: I have downloaded the FlowChartX demo version. What are its limitations?

A: In the demo version users are restricted with the number of objects they could create - just 32. Otherwise, the demo does not expires in time.

Q: The application I want to use FlowChartX in, will be distributed to a small team of users. If I buy the 'Standard single - developer' version, will I be able to distribute the control to each user? Or should I buy the 'site-wide' licence?

A: FlowChartX licenses do not limitate the number of users of your end product. If you are a freelance developer or the only developer that will work with the control in an organisation, than you can purchase single-developer license, but distribute your final application to as many users as you want. The price is based solely on the number of developers that will use the control (and therefore on our technical support costs).

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