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MindFusion.DiagramViewer for iOS/Cocoa Touch

Render your diagrams on any iPhone and iPad device.
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A Native iOS / Cocoa Touch DiagramViewer Component

The library can load and display any XML file created with any of the MindFusion diagramming components.

Supported Diagram Objects

Currently MindFusion.DiagramViewer for iOS/ Cocoa Touch can render ShapeNode, ContainerNode, TableNode and DiagramLink objects. The styles and themes introduced in MindFusion.Diagramming for WinForms V.6 and MindFusion.Diagramming for WPF V.3 are also supported.

Access to Diagram Items

The Diagram class allows access to all loaded links and nodes and provides methods for hit testing. The item classes expose text and tag properties of type string for access to the data of the items.

Free of Charge

The DiagramViewer component for iOS / Cocoa Touch is free of charge for all MindFusion clients who hold a license for any MindFusion.Diagramming component. Learn more about MindFusion diagramming components here.

Tutorials and Usage Guidelines

MindFusion has prepared a detailed, step by step tutorial with numerous screenshots on how to use the diagram library for iOS / Cocoa Touch with Objective C and Xcode. Check it here.


The following archive file contains the Objective C header files, the static library files for iOS native and simulator applications, and a sample Xcode project. Here is the link:

Download MindFusion DiagramViewer Library for iOS / Cocoa Touch

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