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Diagramming for Xamarin, V1.6

For apps that stand out of the crowd.
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Your Best Diagramming App

A Xamarin.Forms flowchart control that presents the powerful feature set of the desktop version in an intuitive API optimized for Android and iOS programming.

Xamarin Diagram Library: TreeView Nodes

Amazing User Interaction

Diagramming for Xamarin offers end users seamless diagram interaction performed on any mobile device. Diagram items are easy to drag and select with a mere finger tap. Large diagrams are smoothly scrolled even on tiniest screens. You can apply grid alignment and docking points for nodes to optimize the layout of the flowchart when users relocate items at runtime. With its set of several user interaction modes, Diagramming for Xamarin definitely places your app ahead of competitors in terms of speed and responsiveness.

A Rich Set of Diagram Elements

Mobile applications nowadays are developed for every aspect of our business or personal lives. That's why MindFusion Xamarin control ships with a long list of more than 100 predefined flowchart shapes. They guarantee that whichever your app specification, you will find the perfect diagram items for your needs. Moreover, you can organize the shapes in layers, put them into containers or arrange them in hierarchies with the TreeView node. The way this diagram control provides your iOS or Android app with the flexibility it needs packed in an intuitive API you'd like is simply amazing.

Xamarin Diagram Control: ERM Diagram
Tree Layout in Xamarin Diagram

The Best Layout for Every Type of App

Finding the right way to organize your diagram is as important as building the diagram itself. MindFusion Xamarin library ships with a versatile set of automatic layout algorithms, which you can easily experiment with. They are applied with a single method call and can change the appearance of your diagram dramatically. Most of them expose a line of customization properties that let you optimize the final look of the flowchart in accord with your preferences. The goal is one - to present your diagram to the end user in a form that maximizes usability and simplifies gesture interaction. With MindFusion automatic layouts that is easy to achieve.

Graph layout algorithms in diagram controls.

Picture-Perfect Looks

Style is the new norm in mobile development and MindFusion Xamarin Diagramming library makes sure your app does not fall short of today user's high expectations for glossy looks. You can apply to the diagram items a handful of visual effects as well shadows. Nodes can be transparent, invisible or combine images and text aligned, formatted and coloured as you choose. The control's unmatched number of appearance options enables you to fully unleash your creative genius and design that perfect app, which wows the user.

Xamarin Flowchart Library: Lane Diagram
Xamarin Diagram Library: Container Nodes

A Well Behaved Control

The good diagram is the responsive diagram, which readily handles input gestures and allows users to perform, whichever actions they need. Equally important - it restricts the users from modifying the flowchart or parts of it when this is not appropriate. MindFusion Xamarin control is engineered to let you efficiently perform both. It supports read only mode and locking of diagram items. It also exposes a broad range of properties that allow users to modify items and create new ones with ease - from in-place text editing to dynamic link positioning. The component integrates every single feature that will make the users feel comfortable when interacting with the diagram and enjoy the experience.

Node List Control

The NodeListView control allows diagram nodes to be created trough drag and drop. The ShapeNode-s that you place in the node list are chosen by you. They can be any of the predefined node shapes, custom nodes, containers - anything your application needs. The size of node icons as well as the size of newly-created nodes are customizable.

Extended Multi-Touch Support

Diagramming for Xamarin supports node modification through finger swipes. The gestures are standard for mobile application and can zoom, resize or move diagram items. They can be switched off to let the diagram respond to user taps by drawing nodes and links.
Xamarin Diagram: Swipe Gestues and the NodeListView

MindFusion Pack for Xamarin

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