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JS Menu

Organize and style the commands of your JavaScript application as you want.
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One Control, Many Options

A long list of options to create, nest, design and customize your menu so you can get the perfect result.

JS Project Manager with the Menu Control

Menu Items

Menu items can be nested at an arbitrary depth. Each item can have an image and a tooltip. Items can be loaded from a Json file or a JavaScript object. Each item can have an HTML template and a CSS class assigned to it.

Online Sample: A Project Management Application with the Menu Control
Online Documentation: MenuItem Class Members


Menu items can be expanded and collapsed. Users can be allowed to rearrange them through drag and drop. Multiple selection of items is supported. You can adjust the close timeout. Menu items can be loaded on demand.

Online Sample: Context Menu on a TreeView
API Reference: Menu and Menu Item

JavaScript Context Menu


The orientation of the menu can be horizontal and vertical. You can customize the item size. The menu is styled through CSS themes. A dedicated property allows you to override the theme settings and apply custom styling. You can also edit the theme.

Online Sample: A JavaScript Menu with Themes

Methods and Events

The Menu class exposes a variety of methods to programmatically select, deselect and access menu items. The rich event set provides you notification when items are selected, dragged, dropped or changed. Events are raised also for mouse movement and control load / unload. Some of the events allow you to cancel the action.

Online Sample: A Menu with Nested Items
API Overview: Menu Class Members

Sample Menu in JavaScript

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