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JS ToolStrip

An intuitive way to present important commands and settings to the user.
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A classic UI library with a modern twist

The toolstrip control supports a wide range of customization options and events that allow you to build and style the perfect toolbar with little efforts and programming.

JS ToolStrip


Toolstrip items can be loaded from JavaScript objects or an HTML template specified as a string. They can render images and text and support tooltips. Items can be various in size and be hidden or visible.

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Online Documentation: ToolStripItem Class Members


The toolstrip supports drag and drop, which allows the user to move items along the toolbar. The strip can be expanded and collapsed; scrolling is supported for longer strips that cannot render all items in the visible range. Users can select multiple items.

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JavaScript Tool Bar: Json Parser

Styling and Themes

The toolbar and its items are customized through CSS themes. A special cssClass properties allows you to assign a custom CSS class to the strip, whose settings override those of the theme. In addition, you can specify the size of items and the size of the toolbar as well its location and orientation.

Online Sample: A ToolStrip with Themes


A set of methods allow you to load the toolstrip data from Json instances or JavaScript objects as well export the toolbar data to a json string. You can select and deselect items programmatically as well as expand and collapse the toolstrip.

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API Overview: ToolStrip and ToolStripItem

JavaScript ToolStrip: Simple Browser App
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The rich event set provides you with notifications about each action the user is performing or has performed. The notification events allow you to cancel the action. Events are raised for all types of user interaction: drag, drop, click, select. You can also be notified when items are changed or the control has gained focus.

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